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Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus.

Observably, Libras attend to the details of their lives in a very diplomatic manner, while beneath the surface, they attempt to “hold it all together.” Libra usual has a smile on his or her face and desires life being lived on an even keel. They also have a deep-seated need for security. As such, the Universe provides them with the tools to accomplish these pursuits, but also makes them earn it. No one said it would be easy! The challenge for Libra is to let things run their course and figure out their role – or not – in it.

When you think of Libra, think “Balance.” This does not imply that Libras ARE balanced. Quite the contrary – they are always “seeking” Balance. Adding to something, taking away from something else, attempting to find the absolute right way for something to be approached and/or accomplished, this is the life of Libra. Unfortunately, this can result in self-doubt and being unsure about virtually everything. It can also make for the development of a functional and intuitive template that addresses the ever-evolving environment of life.

Libras are born between September 23 and October 22 and are represented by the Scales. Again, this is a reminder that Libra is seeking balance because Life is continually rocking and rolling, dodging and weaving and ebbing and flowing. It can be dizzying, but Libra is well-equipped to stand tall and firm.

Libra can be covert and manipulative – only showing what they want. Or what they think others need, or want, to see. This is the result of denying their own process and doing what they “think” everyone else expects. If they become and remain aware and true to themselves, they are very generous, loving and big-hearted. Giving from the heart and providing enrichment everywhere they go.

As with all signs, the evolutionary level of the Soul will determine Libras capability for empathy, awareness and perspective.

Libra Astrology Readings

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The following video from Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine describes the basic qualities of the sign Libra.

As a side note, I have had the pleasure of meeting with both Jeff and Rick in a gathering of Astrologers. they are both exceptional at what they do and have continued to be a source of astrological inspiration in my Astrology practice.

You can follow them at



Libra Compatibility

Libra, the Balance

Libra, the Balance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Libra is typically compatible with people whose signs are energetically representative of flexibility. Aries, Gemini and Cancer to some degree. However, this is not set in stone, because each person’s planetary positions also play a role in who is the most compatible. In order to have a better idea of compatibility, each person should have an astrology chart created fro his or her planetary placements at their time of birth.

When we look at Astrology Compatibility, we must look to the polarities of the sign in question. For Libra, that is Aries. As Libra “reaches out” to experience Aries, they can feel they are moving outside of their comfort zone – becoming imbalanced. They can also feel as if they are being shown something they have little or no control over, as the polarity of every sign is what ultimately “completes” that sign. However, the unknown and oft-times fear-based elements of a sign’s polarity, can be looked at as something to be resisted at all costs. It can be perceived as a potential warning of death. A symbolic death, but a death, nonetheless. On the positive side, it can also be viewed “from a distance” and tentatively approached with a mindfulness and willingness to open up to one’s self. One thing is for sure, there is an enormous opportunity for learning and personal growth with the lessons of a sign’s polarity. The key is to remain grounded in the Sun sign and integrate the polarity. This will dimensionalize the overall experience of living and add immense value to life.


Libra: Final Thoughts

Probably the most social sign of the Zodiac, Libra is on a lifelong journey to achieve balance and self-completion. They know the only way to this is to “find” those pieces of Self that exist in others. This is not a natural or conscious process, but it is embedded in their psyche. This pursuit can be one of daily desperation or daily fulfillment, depending on the condition of the ego and the other influences in the astrology chart.

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