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Leo may be the fifth sign of the Zodiac (and for the record, it is the Fixed Fire sign of the Zodiac) but it certainly does not see itself as a runner-up. Oh, no no! The lion is the king of the jungle and it’s bite is as big as it’s roar. As an astrology sign, the Lion is ruled by the Sun, so it is natural that people born under this Zodiac sign are always in the spotlight, basking in the light and warmth of their admirers and fans. Leo’s passion can only be quenched by undivided attention and accomplishments that make the true Lion proud and satisfied.

Proud, loyal, unafraid, bold, sometimes ferocious and… Dramatic! Yes, Leo is in Love with Drama. The are natural-born actors and actresses. “All the world’s a stage…”. And, like the Lion, Leos are not only used to having a place on the center stage – they expect it. After all, how else can they truly function if not in the midst of all the action? Yes, the King or Queen of the Jungle will barge in, guns a-blazing, roaring his or her distinct, unmistakable attention-getting announcement and doing what needs to be done to be sure they are noticed.

Much can be said about this astrology sign (and I will be sure to say as much as I possibly can, in order to properly convey my admiration for Leo) but “shy”, “passive” or “retiring” are traits that rarely define them. Unless, that is what they need to do to get attention or accomplish their goals. This being said,  virtually any behavior is possible for any given sign, on any given day. This royal sign of the Zodiac is a natural scene-stealer, but don’t blame them because they’re “All That” – they are simply born with IT and know how to use IT. Small wonder why Leo’s prance around like royalty. They know they can take charge and they are likely not to take no for an answer. They can appear confident and sometimes brash, because they are drawn to being the center of attention. Be prepared for interaction and potential resistance when conversing with Leo. Anything that ups the demonstrative ante and can lead to additional drama is just what they are looking for. Leo will interact actively, so no interaction with them is ever boring.

As a Fire sign, Leo is usually ready to embark on adventures to discover the things that interest them most. Since any astrology sign under the fire element (Aries and Sagittarius) is always ready-to-roll, Leos become frustrated quickly by the plain and mundane – or anything requiring an elaborate and slow-paced approach to accomplish the goal or task. Read directions?! I don’t think so! Let’s just throw this thing together! They want action and excitement, the type of event or situation that allows them to move quickly and live large… and in charge!


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The following video from Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine provides some additional perspective on Leo.

As a side note, I have had the pleasure of meeting with both Jeff and Rick in a gathering of Astrologers. they are both exceptional at what they do and have continued to be a source of astrological inspiration for me in my Astrology practice.

You can follow Jeff and Rick on StarIQ.com



Leo at Work

Leo is quite capable, and is confident enough to pursue any job they find an affinity for. However, they are not the type who will take any available job simp0ly for the sa. For the Lion, it’s important that his job matches his confidence in what he can accomplish. If he thinks the job is beneath him, forget about it. However, this proud Zodiac sign can deliver quality work, thanks to their high standards and innate abilities.


Leo at Play

English: Lion representing the Leo sign in ast...

English: Lion representing the Leo sign in astrology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although this Zodiac sign is dedicated and (mostly) all business at work, Leo knows how to have a good time (ahem…PARTY!) and when they let lose, Leo can whip everybody into a frenzy. The Lion likes exciting activities, the kind that stimulates their thirst for experience, adventure and, of course, attention. Be prepared for a good amount of competition if you engage Leo in a game requiring prowess and finesse – mental or physical. They LOVE to win, as this brings even greater levels of recognition and stature.

Leo can be very gracious, though, as well. Relinquishing the lead or the “win” for the higher good. Letting a child or a neophyte be in the spotlight for a moment. Leo knows they can regain their position anytime they choose – and it is guaranteed they will! All of this being said, Leo can be humble and altruistic – even the Lion needs a rest. Using their downtime to assist others or recharge their energy to re-engage in the world for a higher purpose is the Karmic goal for Leo.

Looking and living beyond the Ego. This is the challenge and the destiny for Leo.


Leo and Money

The Lion loves extravagance and their naturally generous nature often means that they make money so they can spend, share and enjoy it. As one of the take-charge signs of astrology, the Lion will not hold back when it comes to his or her possessions because only the best will do. Their style is difficult to ignore, so expect Leo to have only the best that life can offer. Limited only by what they can afford. Fortunately, the Lion is no stranger to hard work, so what they want, he will gladly earn the income to support obtaining it.


Leo in Love

Dating this kingly sign of the Zodiac is not for the weak of heart. Leos love attention and if you are not as exuberant with honest flattery as they expect, they might think you are not that interested. Thankfully, they like to share the spotlight with the person they love and will treat that lucky individual like royalty as well. As exuberant as they may be, Leos can be gentle, romantic, passionate lovers who are nurturing and protective.

People who fall in love with Leos often turn to their horoscope to understand the Lion better. Yes, a horoscope reading may be helpful but it just skims the surface of the true personality of this Zodiac sign. If your Lion love seems perplexing to you, then by all means, turn to the horoscope for better knowledge. However, be warned: a horoscope can only give you an idea – it is still best to experience the Lion as the real person that he is.


Leo Compatibility

Leos are best paired with any sign that adores them and treats them with the recognition they believe they inherently deserve. Now, before you jump down my keyboard and ROAR at the top of your lungs, Leo, give me a chance to play my own Devil’s Advocate here. Leo’s do try to put their best foot forward and want to have good relationships with friends and with those whom they may ultimately become intimate, but… they will actively seek out those who show them the attention and adoration they so long for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but if you find yourself attracted to a Leo, be prepared top do a lot of the heavy-lifting in the relationship in the form of romance and giving of attention.

When we look at Astrology Compatibility, we must look to the polarities of the sign in question. For Leo, that is Aquarius. As Leo “reaches out” to experience Aquarius, they can feel they are moving outside of their comfort zone. They can also feel as if they are being shown something they have little or no control over, as the polarity of every sign is what ultimately “completes” that sign. However, the unknown and oft-times fear-based elements of a sign’s polarity, can be looked at as something to be resisted at all costs. It can be perceived as a potential warning of death. A symbolic death, but a death, nonetheless. On the positive side, it can also be viewed “from a distance” and tentatively approached with a mindfulness and willingness to open up to one’s self. One thing is for sure, there is an enormous opportunity for learning and personal growth with the lessons of a sign’s polarity. The key is to remain grounded in the Sun sign and integrate the polarity. This will dimensionalize the overall experience of living and add immense value to life.


Leo: Final Thoughts

Leos are the actors of the Zodiac. But they are also exceedingly creative. Leos can explore musical or artistic careers and become quite talented and/or influential. But, look to Leo to act. A few Leos are: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Neil Armstrong, Madonna and Pres. Barack Obama. This astrology sign is capable of going places and seems to know how to get there.

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