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The Sun sign of Gemini is the Mutable Air sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is all about thoughts, communication and movement. Gemini is very difficult to pin down. They are associated with the archetype of the Trickster – always darting around and rarely able to be defined – even self-defined! Of course, they are mostly identified with the symbology of “The Twins.” Unfortunately, this has branded Gemini with the moniker of having a Split Personality. This is an all-too-common stereotype and is not an interpretation to which we subscribe. They are, however of two minds (or maybe more!) and can juggle many things at once. But we all have our limits – Gemini included.

Gemini is very creative and quick. They have a fairly decent grasp on who they are and the concept of Self. This being said, they are continually attempting to achieve Completion, but the question is: When will they have enough information, knowledge or categorical conditions to feel complete? Ask a Gemini and they will provide a plethora of explanations and reasons why they must continue to pursue – whatever it is they are pursuing – to feel they are “done” with it. This is a trait of all Air signs.

Gemini is born between May 21 and June 20. Energetic, clever and imaginative. They are also restless and indecisive.

As with all signs, the evolutionary level of the Soul will determine Gemini’s capability for empathy, awareness and perspective.

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The following video from Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine provides some additional perspective on Gemini.

As a side note, I have had the pleasure of meeting with both Jeff and Rick in a gathering of Astrologers. they are both exceptional at what they do and have continued to be a source of astrological inspiration for me in my Astrology practice.

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Gemini At Work

Observing Gemini might lead us to believe they are a scattered bunch. Attempting to accomplish so much in so little time, they are born multi-taskers. However, their propensity toward staying busy can result in having too much on their plate, and time can simply run out for Gemini, as deadlines are difficult to abide by – but not impossible. As such, they will periodically leave tasks unfinished. This can make for difficulties in the workplace. However, the volume of work a Gemini can accomplish will most times exceed that of their workplace counterparts and, as such, this will compensate for any tasks requiring follow-up or additional time to complete.  A Gemini can be an asset in the workplace and can excel at virtually any position, mostly due to the level of enthusiasm they bring to their role and duties. So long as they are able to be in a job that lets them multitask. But multitasking needs to be balanced with time management and an awareness of deadlines for task completion.

A Gemini who has not been able to balance their energies, can be an out-of-control Whirling Dervish and would do well to seek consult with someone they trust, or a professional who understands the Gemini dynamic, and who is unafraid to tell them the truth.


Gemini At Playgemini2

This Zodiac sign really excels when it comes to play, and why not? Gemini seeks fun just as fervently as they seek everything else in their world! Hang out with a Gemini for a while and you will understand this. Gemini tends to make friends easily, but has no problem with the notion of moving from friend to friend to keep things “fresh.” They may not seem to be the most dependable, especially when it comes to making and keeping plans. If something better comes along, they may just decide to change plans even if the tickets to the event were impossible to get and they are the one providing the transportation! This, of course, is what “can” happen. They also know they can be depended upon to be the life of the party (which can really upset Leo!). As Gemini ascends the learning curve of life and becomes aware of Self and Other, they will become more willing and able to commit, be consistent and be relied upon.


Gemini And Money

The image of Gemini and money is the closed chamber filled with money that is blowing all around Gemini. They are never too far away from money, but it seems elusive or unable to grasp. The key is to focus efforts and ideas and apply themselves in a particular direction with a specific purpose. This is rue for every sign, but Gemini needs to continually remind himself/herself of this. Money is exciting for Gemini because it represents a tool, with which additional endeavors can be pursued.


Gemini in Love

Hmmm… does Gemini fall in love?  This horoscope sign is very good at dating – perhaps too good. Once a Gemini man or woman finds someone they are attracted to, they can (and do) become bored, quickly. Unles, of course, the other person provides enough diversity and a wide-range of knowledge and surprise to keep the situation exciting and “new.” Interestingly, Geminis get jealous quickly. This obviously does not make for a great relationship, and it certainly can make things difficult for those looking to settle down. If you are looking for variety and adventure, though, Geminis have that in droves. Fair warning: falling in love with a Gemini can be… challenging.


Gemini Compatibility

Gemini CAN get along with any sign – for a while. Anyone finding themselves falling for a Gemini will need to learn how to zig and zag. They will also need to endure the potential moodiness of a Gemini in love. Libra and Aquarius (fellow Air signs) and and Aries are those Zodiac signs which can bring about cooperative partnership. While Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus are rather less likely to provide you with friends or partners. This cannot be looked at in a cookie-cutter fashion, however. It is still necessary to use good  judgement and awareness when assessing a potential partner.

When we look at Astrology Compatibility, we must look to the polarities of the sign in question. For Gemini, that is Sagittarius. As Gemini “reaches out” to experience Sagittarius, they can feel they are moving outside of their comfort zone. They can also feel as if they are being shown something they have little or no control over, as the polarity of every sign is what ultimately “completes” that sign. However, the unknown and oft-times fear-based elements of a sign’s polarity, can be looked at as something to be resisted at all costs. It can be perceived as a potential warning of death. A symbolic death, but a death, nonetheless. On the positive side, it can also be viewed “from a distance” and tentatively approached with a mindfulness and willingness to open up to one’s self. One thing is for sure, there is an enormous opportunity for learning and personal growth with the lessons of a sign’s polarity. The key is to remain grounded in the Sun sign and integrate the polarity. This will dimensionalize the overall experience of living and add immense value to life.


Gemini: Final Thoughts

If you are a Gemini, you could very well lead a charmed, or cursed, life. Geminis do seem to be followed by “luck” – good and bad. Work and friendship can be quite rewarding, even if finding true love is a bit more difficult. If attachment is presented and becomes part of the equation, Gemini will re-evaluate their role in a situation and pull out if they feel they are being smothered or expected to be something that limits their mental, and environmental, wanderlust.

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