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When The Moon Is In The Seventh House – Or Wherever…first quarter moon

We don’t usually think of the Moon as a Trickster – that’s the purview of Mercury.
However, a first-quarter Moon has a few tricks up it’s sleeve.

In an article by the always informative and value-driven Astrograph authors, they portray the first-quarter Moon in the following manner:

Tuesday’s First Quarter Moon is that phase in the lunar cycle when the rubber meets the road – the time when our concrete plans from the New Moon one week prior, and our cherished ideals as well, must measure up to the standards of practicality set for us by a world seemingly indifferent to our original level of enthusiasm.

No astrological configuration exists in a vacuum, so it is prudent to consider other dominant dynamics that are making their presence known and modifying the overall astrological scheme and subsequent influences.

These very issues have become much more poignant lately, with Saturn, and Jupiter also, so prominent in the monthly configurations. In the current skies, restrictive Saturn and enthusiastic Jupiter remain within a degree of a quincunx aspect to each other, as Saturn trines Chiron, the Wounded Healer, while Jupiter squares it. There is plenty of attitude in these three planetary archetypes in collision, representing the pain of recognizing where indeed we cannot get what we want coupled with a strong sense of the ideal that we would like to believe is somehow still possible; and this is true on either a personal or a global level.

Bringing Astrology Down To Earth

Solar System Montage - GPN-2000-000454

Solar System Montage – GPN-2000-000454 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I would never attempt to “reinterpret” this portrayal, I do believe it requires a little grounding for the sake of simplifying an otherwise involved pattern.

Simply put, be ready to encounter some resistance even in the face of good intentions and a seemingly workable plan. You most likely do not have all the information you require to make the best and highest decisions for the current circumstances. Be ready to make some adjustments and don’t take it personally – it’s a growth phase. Or, as my Astrology teacher used to say, “It’s an AFGO – Another F___ing Growth Opportunity!” Go with IT… and with an open mind.

And then… if that isn’t enough:

…the Spring Equinox of Wednesday, March 20th, is a dramatic one, with this same configuration of outer planet energies and several other strong aspects to take into consideration, as head-strong Mars conjuncts impulsive Uranus in Aries even more closely. We might need to be aware that everyone around us is more impetuous than usual, ourselves included, with accidents and outbursts a distinct possibility. At the time of Tuesday’s Quarter Moon this intense aspect is offset by the Sun with Venus in sensitive and subtle Pisces. In yet another strong symbol of sensitivity, Mercury, fresh out of its retrograde motion, remains in conjunction with dreamy Neptune. It’s a relief in some ways that Mercury has returned to a more outer-directed mode, although since it does not entirely escape its retrograde shadow until April 6th, the Mercury Retrograde period remains in transition for these next few weeks.

I believe the Spring Equinox is when we are given cosmic permission to fly. Just make sure you’re in a plane or some kind of apparatus that makes flying possible. No grandeur or euphoria, which is so plentiful and there for the taking. Balance is critical while we are acclimating to the infusion of Aries influence and the “opening” of the Astrological year. Do some meditation, Tai-Chi or yoga before moving into your days.

Remember To Partner With Your Planets

Oh, and just a few additional Astrological FYI’s before you charge out and meet your worlds:

The Mars-Uranus conjunction becomes more pronounced over these next few days, perfecting on Friday, March 22nd. We must therefore strive especially hard to find the high road in our dealings with others, going against the grain of cosmic influence by trying to be patient and countering the onslaught of impulsive energy. We do well to beware of untoward spontaneous actions during this week that could lead to accidents, or of letting our mouths get ahead of our hearts, remembering that the word that is once spoken cannot be taken back. The recommendation is that rather than reacting we all take a deep breath and count to ten – or at least five – before responding.

And, a final reminder:

With these powerful planetary alignments, amidst the tension of the quarter moon, interpersonal relationship is very much on our minds and in our hearts. We also have the strong urge to be ourselves, at all costs, and this is vitally important as well. We win only by paying careful attention to these joint urges. As the Sun leaves the last degree of Pisces he seeks to remind us that two hearts are better than one; and it goes much better if the two are each whole.

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