Who Is Cancer?

The Sun sign of Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign of the Zodiac. Water is the element associated with emotions in astrology and other metaphysical practices. The primary dynamic for Cancer is “Containment.” What does this mean? And,how do we interpret this? Everything in a Cancer’s life needs to have some level of recognizable structure. The degree to which this will apply, varies depending on the individual and other influences in the Cancer’s astrology chart. But suffice it to say, Cancer’s want things in their world to be where – and how – they should be. This is a subjective perspective, but plays out rather consistently and overtly in a Cancer’s life.


In addition, Cancer can be quite sensitive and might be perceived as a bit insecure. They can also be a bit smothering if they feel as if you need their care. But, give them a break, they are  just sensitive souls. They are as intelligent and imaginative as they are caring and feeling. Their potential to be well-rounded is glorious, but… if something doesn’t “feel” right, they will default to trying to control it so they “make it right.”  Like every sign, they have unlimited potential – at least, as long as they can overcome their predilection to let others affect them and their world to such a great degree.

Cancer is born between June 20th and July 20th. Caring, care-taking and desiring to have “everything in it’s place,” Cancer wants everything to be okay, so they can be okay. This can – and does backfire, quite often. For, as we all know, it is impossible to control circumstances outside of ourselves. Cancer needs to learn the lessons of Self-Control and Self-Management. This will impress their world – and the people in it – and provide the required example for Cancer to know they have done the best they can and to trust.

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The following video from Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine provides some additional perspective on Cancer.

As a side note, I have had the pleasure of meeting with both Jeff and Rick in a gathering of Astrologers. they are both exceptional at what they do and have continued to be a source of astrological inspiration for me in my Astrology practice.

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Cancer At Work

Cancer’s are especially suited for professions in which they take care of others. Nurses, for example. They are the kind of people who nurture others and make other’s lives better. Of course, there is a method to their proverbial madness. while they are authentically desiring the lives of others to be healthy and well-lived, they are asserting themselves toward this goal for the purpose of insuring they are accomplishing the task of having everything in their world “okay.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, until Cancer goes beyond their own limits in their attempts to assist others – which occurs quite often. Cancer can work a lot of overtime at a job if they feel they are doing what is right.  Whether they work in healthcare or decide to take their talents and skills into the world of business, any area in which they have some level of responsibility for others will suit them well. The balance point is to be sure balance is adhered to and to take care of themselves first, which can feel counter-intuitive to a Cancer – especially when there is SO much work to be done and SO many people to take care of.

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Cancer At Play

Cancers love to play, but not too competitively. There should be no losers – ever! That being said, they love to win. Winning is the goal accomplished and the task complete. But as soon as the rush of victory is over, they can begin to feel guilty about the other players losing. Cancer’s would do well to look at competition as a way to do your best and understand that everyone is a winner, but there is only one BIG winner.  As such, Cancer is predisposed to having his or her feelings hurt. This means there is always a risk of compromising an otherwise fun and happy event, by speaking one “wrong” word. But not to worry, this will be short-lived as Cancer will attempt to understand the intended meaning and hope to re-establish a more amenable and lite environment.


Cancer and Compatibility

With whom is Cancer compatible? Cancer’s will typically get along famously with most Virgos and Pisces (another Water sign). Their signs are quite similar, in many ways. And they do tend to make up for the weaknesses of one another. All other signs? Well, your sensitivities and predilection toward things needing to be “contained,” may put a bit of a damper on things. The Zodiac warns against getting involved with Leo and Aquarius, and for good reason – these are the people who will likely get Cancer upset. And, who will (in all likelihood) interpret Cancer’s well-intentioned approach as controlling or invasive. Interestingly, other Cancers are not necessarily compatible. Since they are both likely to be sensitive and desire things to go the way they want it to, there can be a real chasm of difference to cross before a relationship can be negotiated and consummated. This being said, Cancers really do have a lot to offer one another, so the effort can be well worth it in the long run. And the lessons can be great.

When we look at Astrology Compatibility, we must look to the polarities of the sign in question. For Cancer, that is Capricorn. As Cancer “reaches out” to experience Capricorn, they can feel they are moving outside of their comfort zone. They can also feel as if they are being shown something they have little or no control over, as the polarity of every sign is what ultimately “completes” that sign. However, the unknown and oft-times fear-based elements of a sign’s polarity, can be looked at as something to be resisted at all costs. It can be perceived as a potential warning of death. A symbolic death, but a death, nonetheless. On the positive side, it can also be viewed “from a distance” and tentatively approached with a mindfulness and willingness to open up to one’s self. One thing is for sure, there is an enormous opportunity for learning and personal growth with the lessons of a sign’s polarity. The key is to remain grounded in the Sun sign and integrate the polarity. This will dimensionalize the overall experience of living and add immense value to life.

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