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Astrologically, the Sun sign Aries is the Cardinal Fire Sign of the Zodiac. Think turbo-boost rocket with high-octane fuel. They are absolutely amazing to observe and it is easy to be “taken in” by their overtly engaging energy. Although, for some, it can get overwhelming. The key is to not “get in their way.” Let

When you think of Aries, think “Action.” Aries are seemingly always in motion. Sleep is a nuisance, but they know they must, so they do. They are a perpetual source of energy and must learn to manage it properly, so as not to “burn out.” If they use all their energy in one burst, then they must wait to re-energize before engaging in the next activity. This is part of the Aries learning curve.

If you were born between March 21 and April 19, congratulations – you are an Aries. According to astrology, you were born under the sign of the Ram. Your horoscope reveals that those who are born under this zodiac sign are real go-getters, aggressively pursuing their own ideas, projects and people. This can make you a great person to have around – or not – and definitely tends to mark you as intense and head-strong. However, with a bit of astrological knowledge under your belt, you should be able to use your horoscope to figure out where to start and how to proceed – that is,  if you can keep your ego in check.

As with all signs, the evolutionary level of the Soul will determine Aries capability for empathy, awareness and perspective.

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The following video from Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine describes the basic qualities of the sign Aries.

As you will gather from the video, Rick is a VERY proud Aries and wears it like a badge – very Aries!

As a side note, I have had the pleasure of meeting with both Jeff and Rick in a gathering of Astrologers. they are both exceptional at what they do and have continued to be a source of astrological inspiration in my Astrology practice.

You can follow them at



Aries at Work

Aries are hard workers and always welcome a challenge or obstacle to overcome. They also welcome opportunities to “butt heads.” This can be a simple debate or difference of opinion, or an idealistic entrenchment in a belief, which can lead to a full-fledged, all-out argument!  While this is a tenuous condition in the workplace, Aries does tend to be an overall asset at work. According to your horoscope, you are exactly the kind of person who can come into any project – at any time – and get it done – and get it done right! Aries are very likely to run into issues with authority at work, especially when they are lower on the workplace food chain. Aries wants to be right, as do all Fire signs, even if it means confronting the boss. But, with the sheer amount of work that an Aries has the potential to accomplish, this is a “cost of doing business” with an Aries. Aries will want to have a professional role that is always challenging or provides opportunity for relatively quick advancement. Aries will NOT be happy on an assembly line – same thing over and over. Aries will be happy as a White Water Rafting Guide or at a company that promotes based on merit and accomplishments.


Aries at Play

Aries, the Ram

Aries, the Ram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aries works hard – and plays harder. Astrology describes those who are born under the sign of the Ram are predisposed to pursuing physical activities, especially those activities that are highly competitive. Aries also gravitates toward those activities requiring physical effort, strength and speed. Even if you are more of an indoor-Aries, you will still find yourself attracted to competitive games or toward any type of event where you can prove yourself better than others. Ping-Pong or Billiards are perfect examples of indoor activities that are quite competitive and yield bragging rights for the winner. For the most part, Aries do get along well with others. However… anyone associating with an Aries should be willing to go exploring and be open-minded and not take anything personally. This does not mean you should accept being treated badly, but it does mean you will need to be thick-skinned, at times. As with most games that Aries plays, they want to win – even if it means bending or “recreating” the rules – even if just a little.


Aries and Money

Aries (and other Fire signs) have an innate drive and ability to make money. While Aries doesn’t necessarily have to make it to the top of their chosen profession, they will always be driven to succeed. For many Aries, this means constantly finding new ways to make money. Unfortunately, and as stated previously, those under this zodiac sign also tend to butt heads with authority, leaving them in a position where they must find new ways to make an income on their own. But have no fear, Aries are some of the most adventurous and energetic entrepreneurs on the planet. Unfortunately, ideas are very exciting for Aries and, occasionally, they will put the proverbial cart before the horse and trip over themselves in the process.  But, Aries are able to laugh at themselves, pick themselves up, dust themselves off and head off in another direction. Starting a business requires planning, pinpoint execution of ideas and networking with others. These are not Aries strong points. As soon as they realize this and make the proper choices to fill in the gaps of their talents, skills and abilities, they will be successful.


Aries in Love

According to astrology, those born under this sign sign of the zodiac are going to be especially dynamic when it comes to romance. You are likely to pursue relationships with all the force of your zodiac animal. And you will never be short on opportunities for new romance. People are drawn to high-energy people and relationships are formed when people converge. At the same time, Aries have an independent streak that might make it difficult for them to be in a relationship. This is the Aries paradox. You are the kind of person, at least according to astrology, who will push people away even when you want them close. But ultimately, all of us – regardless of Zodiac Sign – have a desire for a meaningful and lasting relationship. While commitment is a difficult dynamic to envision, when the right person – the soul mate – is found, there is an exponential sense of personal expression that ingratiates Aries and makes them feel more energetic – because they are! An Aries in love is a veritable powerhouse of energy. They can light up a city!


Aries and Compatibility
Aries Constellation

When it comes to compatibility, astrology suggests a fairly mixed bag for Aries. They are likely to get along with those born under the horoscope signs of Leo and Sagittarius (fellow Fire Signs), Gemini and Aquarius. At the same time, you are far less likely to get along with those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces. Given your headstrong and independent nature, it should come as no surprise that Aries is not for everyone. What is odd, though, is your relationship with Libras and other Aries. Sometimes they work out, but sometimes they do not. It largely depends on the person, and you might have to do quite a bit of work to figure out exactly who you can get along with under your own sign.

When we look at Astrology Compatibility, we must look to the polarities of the sign in question. For Aries, that is Libra. As Aries “reaches out” to experience Libra, they can feel they are moving outside of their comfort zone. They can also feel as if they are being shown something they have little or no control over, as the polarity of every sign is what ultimately “completes” that sign. The unknown and oft-times fear-based elements of a sign’s polarity, can be looked at as something to be resisted at all costs. It can be perceived as a potential warning of death. A symbolic death, but a death, nonetheless. However, it can also be viewed “from a distance” and tentatively approached with a mindfulness and willingness to open up to one’s self. One thing is for sure, there is an enormous opportunity for learning and personal growth with the lessons of a sign’s polarity. The key is to remain grounded in the Sun sign and integrate the polarity. This will dimensionalize the overall experience of living and add immense value to life.


Aries: Final Thoughts

Lastly, if you were born under the sign of Aries, astrology indicates you will live an inevitably interesting life. Never a dull moment is Aries credo. They are a driven bunch, for sure, but they can also drive other people away with their ego and intensity. Paying close attention to the feelings of others is key for Aries – even if that is a quality you are not aware that you possess. Initially, it would be beneficial attempting to get along with other Aries, as your combined drive can create something truly special. This is similar to the dynamic found in Astrology Compatibility. If you cannot, though, do not be distraught – plenty of other people will want you around and you will have ample opportunity to “practice.” Whether you look to the insights astrology provides for assistance in exploring the dynamics of your personal or professional relationships; or, if you have questions regarding your career or the role money plays in your life, astrology is a tremendous tool for learning more about who you are, where you are going and how you can best meet and manage the energies and influences you encounter in your life.



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