Aquarius Confusion

Aquarius, you are the water-bearer, or water-carrier (choose your description), but – and this is important Aquarius – you are an AIR sign!


And so, the stage is set. This situation, and our interpretation of it, makes for interesting, yet diverse discourse. In other words, we can speculate all day and night, and never arrive decidedly at a definitive description of what, or who, Aquarius really is! Ask any Aquarius you know, “How would you describe yourself?” The answer to this question will always depend upon the condition of the ego and the evolutionary stage of the soul. However, an almost universal response will be a smile and a simultaneous short laugh that says, “Wouldn’t YOU like to know?!”

This is not meant to be disrespectful or off-putting, but only to create a comfortable space around Aquarius and send a message of unattachment. Their identity is their power – like all signs – however, what you see is all you get. Unless they decide otherwise. This is how they maintain a consistent, conscious presence in the world and maintain personal control of their energy and actions. Aquarius chooses to be virtually inaccessible, because there is little perceived value in being accessible. Merging with others dilutes their process and distracts from self-discovery, which is their prime directive.

Aquarius – Best Case Scenario

But, there is an exception to the rule: Aquarius likes to “hang out” with Aquarius. There’s no baggage, only awareness of one another’s space. This is the safe approach to creating and understanding boundaries. There is also an objective learning curve, which again, is safe. However, this leaves a lot undiscovered, compared to what is available in all situations. Ironically, this is satisfying and works quite well for Aquarius. They learn and experience what they want – to the degree they want – and can still operate within the context of their own world.

There is no judgement here, because it’s simply what works. They can access their emotions if they choose, but they are not required to do so. While this can frustrate others, well… that is their problem! Get over it! Aquarius is not here to be sure you have what you want or think you need from them. As such, they rarely make emotional promises. But when they do, it’s forever – as long as you understand their definition of forever.

Aquarius – Worst Case Scenario

Sometimes Aquarius “doesn’t get it.” They seem aloof and air-headed. This is merely their approach to unattachment, which can be inconsiderate and downright rude if assertively applied in their world. In most cases, it will seem as if they are operating outside of themselves and the environment – much like an automaton. Not robotic, just independent and separate from the communal goings-on.

The most abrupt Aquarius model is the stereotypical rebel. Tattoos, piercings, ill-fitting or intentionally damaged, or distressed, clothing. Needing to make a statement, but that statement is reminding the world how different and unique Aquarius is, and don’t you dare try to make them conform – to anything! Interestingly, this brings an unwanted influence into the picture. The more assertively – and sometimes aggressively – Aquarius attempts to dissuade others from affecting them and their space, the more energy is attracted to them. Go figure!

Aquarius – Solving The Mystery

So, how do we relate to those born under the sign of Aquarius? As water-bearers, they carry their emotions with them at all times. As such, they can be compared – albeit loosely – to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. WAIT! I’m not saying they are LIKE the water signs, I’m saying they have the capacity to access their emotions because their emotions are always within their grasp. Whether they choose to engage is another story.

Aquarius is much more comfortable keeping people at a distance. But not too far. They still have a point to make and an impression to make – after all, the Aquarius polarity is Leo! And while Aquarius scoffs at Leo, and rolls their eyes as Leo works fervently to garner ALL the attention, secretly they are reminded of how lonely their world feels. Aha! They’ve inadvertently accessed their “water.”

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